Restaurant Tools

Get all 3 Restaurant Apps 4 Free!

App #1 Price Calculator

Well calculated prices are the foundation of success. Our free Restaurant Price Calculator is the easiest and fastest way to get profitable prices.

Define COG and Premium by moving the sliders and enter VAT. Then you get your fresh calculated price and COG in %. The COG reference values are also shown in the App.

App #2 Business Plan

Optimize your Business by easily testing various scenarios.

Define the most important success factors and tune your business for more profits:

  • Opening Days
  • Customers per Day
  • Sales per Customer
  • Cost of Goods %
  • Personnel Costs per Employee
  • Number of Employees
  • Monthly Rent
  • Other Fixed Costs

App#3 Valuation Tool

Want to buy or sell a restaurant? Discover its value and understand the mechanics of valuing a restaurant business.