Financial Model for a 48 Seat Burger Restaurant in Excel

Would you like to open a burger restaurant and do you need a financial model for it? Then you are exactly right here. What is a financial model? A financial model represents the most important economic relationships of a company. In a restaurant, for example, sales per customer, customers per day, prices, product range, seats, … Weiterlesen

Where Did Starbucks Start And How Can You Profit From It? [Case Study]

where did starbucks start

Where did Starbucks start its journey to the world’s biggest coffeehouse chain, and how can you profit from Howard Schultz’s recipe for success? Reading time 5 min To unravel the secret of Starbucks‘ success and to answer the question „Where did Starbucks start?“, one must look at the life of Howard Schultz and the founding … Weiterlesen

Cost for Starting a Restaurant

Cost for starting a restaurant - Case Study by Peter Graf

Reading time 4 min You have a passion for fast food, and now you think about the cost for starting a burger restaurant? So it’s time to start with your business plan. This article focuses on how much the cost for starting a restaurant is, especially to buy the necessary equipment. According to, the … Weiterlesen

Beginners Manual to Ideas for Restaurant Names

Beginners Manual to ideas for restaurant names

Reading time 6 min So, you want to open a restaurant and are looking for a suitable name? Then you are exactly right here. In this article, you will get numerous ideas for restaurant names. I hope to be able to support you in finding a great restaurant name that your customers love, and that … Weiterlesen

The Cost to Start A Restaurant And The 10 Things Any New Restaurateur Must Know

Every person who wishes to open a restaurant usually asks how much it will cost to open one. It is not a simple question because of the numerous restaurant startup costs you need to factor. As a restaurateur, getting the restaurant project from the ground up is challenging yet rewarding if you succeed. However, it … Weiterlesen

How to Create Unlimited Food Business Ideas

Transscript from the Video Are you looking for some fresh Food Business Ideas? Great! In 2019, the Restaurant Industry´s projected sales were 863 billion $ and there are more than a million Restaurants in the US. In this Video you´ll not only get a simple 1-page strategy to create unlimited Ideas for your new Food … Weiterlesen