Business Plan To Start A Restaurant

Would you like to open a restaurant?

This book will help you set up your own restaurant step-by-step and avoid costly beginner mistakes.

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Business Plan To Start A Restaurant

Peter Graf

The five building blocks for the successful establishment of cafés, restaurants and bars.

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ISBN    9798746225115
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Your Benefits

Understand the guest

Which potential guests are present at the location and what are their needs? Numerous tools support you in the analysis.

Analyze the location

The location must be suitable for the implementation of the intended concept. Chapter 3 gives you a roadmap for how you can carry out a simple analysis yourself.

Build systems

Systems perform routine tasks reliably and efficiently. The book contains a separate chapter with compact explanations for the most important topics.

Calculate quickly and reliably

14 ready-made Excel templates shorten the working time. Each calculation step is explained in detail.

Create a popular concept

A good concept meets the existing demand at the location. In the book, you will learn how to work out the most important elements.

Create the budget

A good budget has measurable goals and answers all important financial questions. This includes, for example, sales planning, price calculation and the income statement.

Avoid costly rookie mistakes

If you pay attention to these 5 building blocks, you can avoid many expensive beginner mistakes. This includes, for example, a wrong concept or an incorrect calculation.

Business Plan To Start A Restaurant

Reviews of the German Edition „Mein Gastronomie Businessplan“

I can highly recommend it!

Very exciting and highly recommended. Lots of use cases that are easy to knit. Good work!

Patrick Neulinger – Leaf Systems

Huge help in creating business plans in gastronomy

There are a lot of free business plans on the Internet, but none that are specifically designed for gastronomy. This book gives valuable tips and great instructions; You are carried out step by step and at the end you receive a business plan for your restaurant. For my purchase it was crucial that you get a link for an Excel tool to create your business plan digitally! For me 5 stars!

Katrin M.

Excellent for beginners!

The book is extremely simple and therefore ideally suited for me as a newcomer to the catering business. The book helped me a lot and I can only recommend it !!

David M.

A must read

One of the best business plan writing books that I have come across in this area. Absolutely compulsory reading with amazingly simple instructions. Highly recommended!

Sarah Hölzl

Helpful Excel tools!

This book gives a very good overview of what you have to consider before starting a restaurant business and the downloadable Excel tools are incredibly helpful.


14 Excel Tools

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