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PROFIT – The Restaurant Owners Handbook

Peter Graf

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ISBN  978-3951991474
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Excellent with concepts for any restaurant business

5 Stars – Profit is a great guide for any restaurant business. Profit concepts are explained in detail with their respective math and examples that make those concepts very easy to understand. Some of these concepts are reviewed during MBA school, but this book applies them specifically to a restaurant setting with forms that help us apply it to our own business. I am currently working on a Business Plan for a Fast Casual restaurant in the US, the cost and inventory calculations will be very helpful for my Financial reports.

Leslie Jimenez

The book is worth it from the first to the last page!

5 Stars – It is simple, compact and above all relentlessly written and therefore a great help for every restaurateur and food trader. The tips helped me a lot to improve my company and to pay more attention to some things. The author even answered me when I asked about “calculation”! Money well invested.

Alexander ScheidPatisserie Theodor, Landau – Pfalz, Germany


5 Stars – clear, from practice and for me as a career changer understandable and logically structured. Many tips that are practical and understandable. A good book by a good author.

Christian JauernikStattGarten EIGENBEDARF, Vienna, Austria

Innovative approaches

5 Stars – I’ve been running a bar for 3 years and this book has brought me some innovative approaches which I will certainly implement immediately. It reads very well and the provided Excel tools in particular are ideally suited for price calculation and controls of ongoing operations. Worth every penny! Read it in one go.

HJ – Bar Owner

Helps with business optimization

5 Stars – We are currently in the process of opening a new restaurant concept and this book has helped us a lot to further optimize our business + financial planning! It helped us a lot, especially in the areas of calculation and controlling, but also menu optimization and upselling. P.S.: we are not beginners in gastronomy, so the book and its contents are just as suitable for advanced users and beyond!

Dennis BurkhardtSunny Side Up, Frankfurt, Germany

Absolute buy recommendation!

5 Stars – This book provides many new approaches and ideas on what can be improved in the company. Thanks for that!!! Even for those who think they already know everything. Entertaining and interesting.

Carsten FelixGartenwirtschaft Lerchenhof, Gechingen, Germany

Very educational book!

5 Stars – I thank you for such valuable pages that you must have read if you want to start your own business successfully!

Stefan Pichler – Founder

Order now to get more Customers and to make more Sales!

The Handbook contains 7 Excel tools to download, use and customize

Order now to get more Customers and to make more Sales!