5 biggest Menu Mistakes that burn your Restaurant Sales

5 biggest Menu Mistakes, that burn your Restaurant Sales

New Book: PROFIT – The Restaurant Owner´s Handbook. 333 p. 57 $
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Are you struggling with your Restaurant?

This Handbook focuses on Topics that really count.

You also get 20 comprehensive Summaries of scientific Studies, which you can use to increase your Sales.

If you seek this Knowledge from a Restaurant Consultant, you probably would have to pay several thousand Dollars.

Proven Solutions for your Success

This new Book is for Owner, Founder and Manager of Restaurants, Cafés, Bars and Food Trucks. You get hands-on Guidance on the following Topics:

  • How to get more Customers
  • How to increase Sales
  • How to lower Costs

In 26 Chapters and on 333 pages you can learn in Detail, what to do in order to improve your Restaurant Management and to succeed in the Restaurant Business.

The Download of 7 Excel-Tools is included.

In this practical Guide, you’ll find key questions and fill-in fields right next to the theory to make it easier to implement and quickly get better results. Have a pencil ready and write down your ideas and thoughts right into the book.

Improve your Restaurant Business with the following Insights

  • How to use the profit-based calculation to get your prices, motivate your employees, control your sales, and plan your profits (Chapter 9)
  • How to increase your sales by 30 %, 59 % or even 100 % through upselling (Chapter 13)
  • How to optimize your menu for maximum sales (Chapter 18)
  • 25 points sales checklist (Chapter 18)
  • How to improve the use of drinks (Chapter 22)
  • Excel calculator with 7 tools, which you can download for free.
  • Learn how the guest views the menu in order to improve readability (page 238).
  • Read how, in a real case, the sales of fish dishes increased by 86.6 % (page 242).
  • Benefit from the results of a practical study in which food sales increased by 69.5 % (page 245).
  • Learn a simple but effective referral technique that has nearly tripled the revenue of the recommended dish (page 249).
  • Discover the secret, how the scope of the product range influences sales. In one case, the researchers from Columbia and Stanford recorded even a seven-fold increase in sales (page 252).
  • A Cornell study provides insight into a simple and remarkable marketing strategy. Sales of a cafeteria were improved by 27 % simply by using a different product description (page 254).
  • Discover a simple pricing trick that boosted restaurant sales by 8.1 % (page 261).
  • Scientists found a simple way of presenting products, which increased the turnover in a bar by 4.1 %(page 263).
  • Take advantage of a Yale study that discovered an increase of purchase propensity by 67.3 % using certain selling prices (page 269).
  • Asian restaurant managers found a simple trick, which increased sales by 13 to 20 % (page 271).
  • According to a US study, willingness to buy can be increased by 122 to 379 % by overcoming purchase inhibitions (page 275).
  • American behavioral researchers found that the use of colors increased the consumption of food by 77 % (page 276).
  • Researchers tested various types of background music in a restaurant and found a way to improve beverage sales by 40.9 % (page 277).

How much money can you make, if you increase your Sales by 5 to 20% ?

E.g. if your Sales are 200,000 Dollars per year, your Potential is at least 10,000 to 40,000Dollars per year. And the Investment in this Handbook is only 57 $.

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